Taking yoga out of the class room; bringing it into your life for optimum vitality, strength, flexibility, balance and endurance


We now speak of health-span, rather than life-span, the valuable time we live in optimum health. For an optimal health-span it’s vital to integrate movement practices into your life. Yoga is ideal!

In your work with me we’ll address how your movement patterns and breath contribute or detract from this health-span. I will work with you on optimum posture, on muscle strength and joint stability as well as on awareness of your immediate environment, because all these factors contribute to your balance and are predictive of your safety, preventing falls no matter no matter what your bone- density.

As our therapeutic work integrates into your daily rhythm, it weaves into your moment to moment awareness. And with increased understanding and awareness of safe vs risky movement throughout your daily activities, it will become more effortless.

There is proprioception- your awareness and control of your body in space- and interoception, the ability to sense subtle inner physical and emotional processes. Interoception is the gate to real healing. Where does the real you, the happier you live? The you that knows where you fit into the greater scheme of things?

It is one thing to gain the skill to spiral your body into an exotic posture, and still another to gain the knowledge of how to nourish yourself by activating your parasympathetic nervous system- the branch of the ANS (autonomic nervous system) in charge of tending, befriending . . . and healing.

Restorative practices come in here- super-quiet, supported postures or Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep – a state of suspended awareness) to help you to deeply relax and renew. No matter what your age, you’ll improve your ability to feel sense, sense and listen to what your body needs and is telling you-when to go deep and when to gently divert towards other practices, away from pain that has become chronic.

Rest can work miracles, and so can movement. I love to think of it in terms of “movement vitamins”, brilliantly coined by Katie Bowman, an internationally known bio-mechanist and movement specialist: movement vitamins that drive health and healing.

Working in a multifaceted approach includes mindful breathing, or pranayama: how to breathe to reduce anxiety and depression, to improve sleep and reduce snoring, asthmatic symptoms, allergies, even rhinitis (see my blog Nov 2017). I teach breathing normalization and scientifically supported practices to maximally oxygenate your bodyfor improved endurance and fitness.

What differs between attending a yoga class and experiencing yoga therapy is individual attention. This means practices specific to your health and body, whether yoga for lower or upper back and shoulders, for anxiety or for exhaustion.

A yoga practice, aligned with support of the latest science, can tip the balance from decline into flourishing, and help reintroduce the sense of meaning and joy that stress and pain may have blunted.

The yoga I teach has a philosophically neutral focus, honoring your own private approach to spirituality and meaning. Please contact me for more information.





Sara Siegel