It may surprise you that yoga teachers can have as little as one year of yoga practice  before beginning a basic 9 weekend  training. They may be well meaning, but often teach with limited knowledge. Frequently they themselves fall  prey to popular misinformation on how to implement a safe and  healing yoga practice.

Why choose a yoga therapist?


An IAYT Certified Yoga therapist on the other hand, has years of teaching experience  and training in the precautions and contraindications to avoid yoga injuries as well as movement,  anatomy and physiology training  before even beginning an IAYT  certified Yoga Therapist Training.

IAYT, the International Association of Yoga Therapists, confers an accreditation (versus a mere registration) on  qualified yoga therapists as well as  on accredited schools.  

Choosing an IAYT certified therapist means you are working with a highly trained individual who is held to the highest standards.

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As a yoga therapist...

I  don’t  diagnose or  prescribe; instead I  listen and collaborate  with you in order to  customize the practice  of yoga to support your  journey. This includes discussion on lifestyle , posture and health issues, relaxation and movement,  leading towards a coherent vision:  how to optimize  the practice for you

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As a yoga therapist...

I do not see the body as a mechanical system  that necessarily wears down or breaks down with use or age, instead I recognize it’s brilliance  at self healing, and that  the practice of Yoga can assist in this healing process!

I see yoga therapy like a uniquely supportive bridge from the healthcare system  to  your beginning to  feel more in charge  of your  health. Yoga therapy can be  particularly effective if you are dealing with chronic challenges, that  the health care system  may have taken as far as it can go.