About Elka

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I took my first Yoga class in my mid forties  and so began a  process of transforming  and remodeling of my body  that   still seems miraculous to me. Although  I was always  athletic and an avid  runner, I still had postural  and muscular imbalances that resulted in  frequent back spasms, falls  and even knee pain

In 2005 I began   to study  yoga formally, exploring traditions from alignment based yoga in the Iyengar tradition  to vinyasa flow and yin. I also participated in the vitally important Teaching Yoga to Seniors training at Duke Integrative medicine in Durham in 2012.  Finally it was the brilliance of one teacher: Doug Keller, that brought me to the study of Yoga as therapy.

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Through the Duke program I’d been exposed to the therapeutic powerhouse that is  Viniyoga. In 2014 I  completed the Essential Low Back Teacher Training   with Robin Rothenberg of Fall City, Washington (https://essentialyogatherapy.com).  I continued on to  the ground breaking and scientifically based Essential Yoga Therapy program. Three years and numerous trips later, I became an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist.

While my focus has turned  towards therapeutic  applications of yoga, what’s stayed the same is my fascination with the possibilities of yoga to change, to remake and to heal.

I love  teaching  all ages, particularly seniors and enjoy the challenge of individualizing my approach to each client  I work with.

I can say I have learned as much from my students  as they have from me .

As a scientific system of self- investigation and a journey about reducing suffering, in ourselves as well as in  others, Yoga is about hope and  possibility at any age.

I think that’s good news